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Stephen Rodriguez Resume

Cell Phone: (830) 421-0703 


Summary: Character animation specialist with a foundation of art and design.


⦁ Experience creating animations for Unity and Unreal 

⦁ Knowledge of Acting and Body Mechanics for Animation 

⦁ Lip sync and Facial Animation 

⦁ Modeling and Rigging 

⦁ Proficient with Faceware Retargeter and Analyzer 

⦁ Proficient with Adobe After Effects, Illustrator and Photoshop 

⦁ Experience with SVN Tortoise and Trello 


⦁ Character Animator for VHSS lab at UT Dallas (February 2016 – May 2019) ( (


Created a variety of facial, body and prop animations using Maya, Unity and Faceware. 

Worked with feedback from our team as well as a speech therapist to ensure accuracy of visemes for lip sync animations in game.

Used Unity to ensure in game animations worked properly and functioned as they appeared in Maya.

⦁ Character Animator for Blipd LLC (May 2019 - Nov 2020)


Created numerous animations for various characters for “Shopkins Shop n’ Seek and exported for use in Unity. 

Maintained animations across character updates and revisions.

Worked with a team of animators to ensure characters had unique animations while maintaining a cohesive style. 


⦁ Animator for “Shopkins Shop n’ Seek” 

⦁ Animator for “Terminal B”(

⦁ Animator for “Spaceman Spiff” ( 

⦁ Animator for “Snatch” ( 

⦁ Animator for “Push and Pull” 

⦁ Animator for “Drone Simulator” 

Education: University of Texas at Dallas (2012 – 2016) Bachelors of Arts and Technology 

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